Good day fellow NNCians,

My colleague and I were talking yesterday and he told me that his former neighbor here in Brampton just committed suicide two days ago, leaving behind a wife and two kids. He was visibly in shock!

Then it reoccurred to me that this lockdown has further exacerbated issues, hiding the fact that people facing varying challenges are in isolation and far from obvious help. People are broke, lonely, depressed, jobless, helpless, indebted, in trouble and there seems to be no way out for them. Even though it is a welcome development that there’s govt support, the extension of CERB is a clear indicator that all is not near clear yet. Support comes in different shapes and sizes, and can come from anyone to anyone. Volunteering over the last couple of months have shown me that truly, all that glitter is not gold!

Let us continue to do our best possible to be there for one another. That brief phone call to ask about our general welfare – “How you dey?” “Hubby, Wifey and Kids nko?” “Just checking up on you guys” – go a long way to bring great succor to our hearts that enhances our well-being.

Homicides and suicides are still the highest crimes reported and we all have our little parts to play to avert them. I know we, as Nigerian breed, are mostly resilient people, but reach out all the same. Plus, we have non-Nigerian friends too. That call, that chat, that visit (social bubble) will surely go a long way to make a difference.

NNC strives to build one family of Nigerians in Canada, who will be there for each other, pandemic or not! Remember, no one is an island. Let each one reach out to one today. It can only get better, because we are stronger together.

Uche Okugo.
President, NNC.
June 18, 2020.

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